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2021 is Calling, Are You Ready to Answer?

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

With 2021 peeking around the corner, I wanted to share some actions to consider in refreshing and reviving your business and your brand!

Build Trust with Testimonials

Take a look at your website and social accounts, are client testimonials and feedback readily available for visitors to see? Knowing that you are providing top notch services and/or products with positive feedback helps build trust with prospective customers. Don't be shy about kindly asking those you've served over the 2020 year if they would lend a kind word or two by leaving a review on your Facebook page, tagging you in an Instagram post or simply by sending you an email so you may add to your website. You'll never know how willing your client tribe is to support you unless you ask!

Audit Your Social

Whether you are on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (or all three), this is the perfect time to go back and review the various sections of your profile, related links and profile/banner imagery. In the rush of year end this can be something easy to overlook, but it is important to move into the new year knowing all your branded content is on point, cohesive from platform to platform and ready to rock. Need a little help identifying what content needs updating and how to strengthen your profile messaging? Checkout my one-on-one Social Media Evaluation Workshop Session where we review corrections and improvements in live time. (PS You'll get a customized Social Media Guide and a summary of action items's that for a 2021 Social Media profile action plan?).

Re-evaluate Your Brand's Messaging

When was the last time you really took a look at your mission statement? Examined your business's core values and vision? As 2021 rolls in, this is the time to re-evaluate and re-assess whether the messaging for your business is still an accurate reflection of where you are in this moment. If it correctly mirrors back your mission, goals, values, etc, then all is well and move along. But if things are feeling outdated, and the voice of the words on the screen seem a little distant and faded, then it is time to re-examine the pulse of your business and brand and bring it up to speed. I actually do a quarterly check-in with my content to make sure as I evolve in my business, my business's language reflects that. You are your brand, and that comes through in your messaging so it needs to be up to date, and on point. Feel overwhelmed on where to begin? Let's schedule a free 30 minute consultation and go over what you currently have together!

Be Brave & Narrow Your Niche

Here's one that hits home. As someone with a bizarre amount of varied marketing experience nearly 20 years worth; including logo design, marketing material layouts, branded social media design all in addition to my 15 plus years of writing experience...narrowing my "niche" was absolutely FRIGHTENING. Letting go of those "extra" talents that can help pay the bills feels like you are willingly turning away work. But the truth is, by narrowing your niche you are making room to focus on the one thing you KNOW you excel at. The one thing that is your gift, your talent, the thing that makes you light up when someone is interested in hiring you for that SPECIFIC service. For me, writing has always been that one "thing". So, I took the plunge, and after I wrap my one last logo client (which I agreed to prior to this decision), it is all words all the time, branded and mission driven. I challenge you to take a look at what you offer and see if you are being true to your one gift, or are you spreading yourself too thin? Are you diluting your talent and starving the world of the one real thing you are meant to offer? It is scary to narrow the niche, but it is CRITICAL for success.

These are just some of the things to consider and evaluate as we roll into 2021, other areas can include clearly identifying your ideal client and target market (which expect a pretty cool freebie from me on this the first week of January)! We can't do it ALL, and we can't do it all at once so take heart and pick a couple that you know need your attention. For me, narrowing the niche was a big one.

Not sure where you are lacking? I am always happy to spend a half hour reviewing your online presence messaging with you, so never hesitate to reach out.

Have a safe, healthy and happy New Year!

Rachel, Rock Your Brand

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