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Brand Check-In Tool, the Canva Way!

I am guilty of always talking about how "brand" is more than just a slick tag line and a glossy logo, and there is a reason for that. I have learned first hand how important it is to be transparent in who you are through your marketing because THAT is what connects people. Once you have that down, once you learn a little bit of vulnerability in your brand as a solopreneur --well, it goes a long way, and the tie in is a helluva lot easier.

So in the interest of is a great, quick hit example of how you can start to do some of this leg work yourself. I was hopping around in Canva just now and saw this awesome little social media template.

I decided it was a perfect way to do a quick check-in with my brand and pull some imagery, along with one selected image of myself, that felt "right" for where I am right now with how I'm representing my business. Some of these photos I took personally, but most were just Canva images that fit my search criteria. You can choose to do either.

Exercises like this are a wonderful way to create a visual representation of what is going on in your head about "who you are as your brand".

Don't have Canva? No worries, you could use the same approach for your own personal use by doing physical collage work, or creating a collage online through any number of apps. It doesn't have to be a social media post share...but I think it is a wonderful way to give your audience insight into what your vibe and energy is as a business owner without digging for just the right words.

Curious about utilizing Canva and learning how to use a template like this? Schedule a one-on-one training with me and let's get you loving Canva as much as I do (if that's possible?). And yep, it is budget-friendly! Have questions first? Let's talk through the support you need.

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