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LinkedIn Profile - Tips to Get You Started or Strengthen What You Have!

Deviating with the norm, and focusing on some LinkedIn tips! WHY do you wonder? Well, from personal experience I can tell you it has brought me, unsolicited clients, simply by having a strong profile, and an active presence. And also because I was recently hired to create a profile for an up and coming visual arts student who is looking to expand their presence and connections in the industry! So...while i'm doing the work, it's top of mind and makes sense to share a little wisdom with YOU.

After some quick research, and my years of experience on the platform, I want to share some main areas to focus on when developing your first profile (or need to strengthen your -deserted existing know who you are!):

  1. Profile Picture👩: A great profile picture should look professional, but still display your personality. Generally, you want a shot that shows you from the shoulders up with a neutral background. Avoid profile pictures you would use on your other social media sites, like Facebook/Instagram, and never use a picture that has other people in it. (Ever!)

  2. Summary✍️: This is especially important for those with minimal experience. You’ll want to have 1 to 2 paragraphs that tell the story of who you are and what you want to do. Write about your passion for your chosen industry and include a bit of personal history...but still, keep it professional.

  3. Experience💪: This can be challenging when you have limited experience, so instead break apart your responsibilities and accomplishments into bulleted lists. For each position, write a sentence or two about the position and then think of 3 to 4 responsibilities and/or accomplishments to list. This will round out your profile and make it easy for potential employers to read.

  4. Skills and Endorsements👏: You will want to take the time to list as many skills as you feel appropriate. Remember, you don’t have to be an expert, just have solid knowledge. After you start connecting with others on LinkedIn be sure to endorse the skills of those connecting with's a great way to encourage reciprocation.

  5. Recommendations🥇: Recommendations are the same as testimonials on a website. These are people taking the time to say a few supportive words about how incredible you are at what you do. Don't be shy about asking someone that has worked with you to give you a recommendation on LinkedIn after connecting with them. I have found more times than not, people are gracious and willing.

  6. School🎓: Never forget to add your education! It is an important area of any LinkedIn profile. If you have finished a certificate, associate degree or bachelor’s degree it is all worth mentioning!

Still have questions on what you should and shouldn't be adding? Need a little outside feedback or conversation...or maybe just want to hire the support you need to make the above magic happen? Give me a shout by using the form below and let's see how we can bring your LinkedIn profile to life!

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