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The Comeback

Friday afternoon has arrived, and for the first time in a long time, it actually feels like the close of a work week for me.

Like many businesses, this pandemic chopped my productivity and progress off at the knees. I was enjoying my work as a ghost blog writer for Dragonwing Girlgear, a totally amazing athletic wear company for teens/tweens. I was also on the verge of receiving signed contracts from a couple other clients as well when it all ended. Literally, radio silence.

And yet, here I am months later still fighting to keep Rock Your Brand going. Rebranding, investing in advertising, hopping on webinars to learn ways forward to reinvigorate the lifeblood of my business. And I guess that the thing is, this isn't just a "business", it is a dream. Something that a year ago I was convinced would be off and running by now, but sometimes the world has other plans.

Either way, today's post is about gratitude. Grateful for the clients trusting in spending their stimulus checks with me to help reinvigorate their own small business. Grateful for those friends and family that re-post, re-share and promote anything they think will help bring business my way. Grateful for a husband who has been doing the heavy financial lifting while I figure out how to not give up.

I believe Rock Your Brand is here to stay. I believe I am meant to help others. I want to support business owners in understanding which way is up when it comes to getting themselves out there with their brand, their messaging and laying the foundation of their online presence.

So with that said, I'm reviving some content from my old blog as it is just as valid and helpful as ever when it comes to tightening up that online presence. (You may download it as a .pdf ).

Online Marketing Presence Tips
Download PDF • 6.27MB

Helpful hint: Click the image to open in a new tab and for clearer resolution.

Online Presence Tips - Rock Your Brand

Believe in all that you are, and all that you offer. I'm always happy to take 20 minutes out of my day and chat with anyone that is looking for a little feedback and direction (simply reach out via the contact form below).

Happy weekend friends. Be well. xo

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