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Working from Home: How to Embrace Productivity & Keep Your Energy Flowing

Right now, in light of current conditions and restrictions happening in our very real world it occurred to me that there are plenty of people out there entering the "work from home" zone. These may be folks that have never lived the life of a "work-from-homer" and thought it may be helpful to offer a cheat sheet of productivity tips to welcome you all to this new way of working.

That said, these tips can provide as a refresher for those of us who have already navigated our way into this world. And it is a world that is once again changing. Unfortunately, it means keeping our focus, and making sure we are nourished and staying peaceful and productive is especially challenging right now. I know for me it is something I'm beginning to contend with and the battle to not let it consume even an hour of my day is alarming (full disclosure!). So just like you, I'm going to soak in my top 6 tips for keeping the momentum train moving.

After-all, we may be here for a while, and that's OK. Stay healthy and stay safe everyone!

Staying productive while working from home in the age of Covid-19
tips on working from home

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