Recovering the Creative Self

Based on the book "The Artist's Way"

It is during this time, now more than ever that the world is turning to some form of creative expression or artistic freedom to work through the angst and strangeness of our current world. With this offering, I hope to take it a step further and show you how diving deeper into your limiting beliefs about your own creativity and mental blocks can help move you through this time, and help you realize a clearer path forward both professionally & personally.

Have you always wanted to pick up the paintbrush...but something stops you?

Is there a story inside you waiting to be told, but you've held back because of fear or judgment?

Do you feel like you're hitting walls whenever attempting something new?

In this one-hour free introductory virtual workshop based on Julia Cameron’s groundbreaking book "The Artist’s Way", we will explore some basic tools to help unblock your creative energy and have the opportunity to take that first, freeing step forward through a group exercise.  We will touch on the 12 steps of recovering your most creative self and explore how it can help you transform your life's work.

This workshop is open to anyone. You do not need to be in the creative arts field to apply the principles and experiences of "The Artist's Way". Julia Cameron has created an approach for all individuals who want to move toward breaking limiting beliefs about themselves and are ready to greet their full potential.


Here is what we will cover:

  • The Principles of The Artist's Way Approach: We will share initial thoughts on a sampling of these principles & how they relate to our life. These principles are grounded in the belief that creativity is a pure source that exists in every person and the unrealized consequences when we tune out that flow of creation.

  • The Basic Tools: We will discuss the basic tools of The Artist's Way approach and how to implement them into our everyday lives:

    • The Morning Pages​

    • Artist Dates

  • The Inner Critic Exercise: Have a pen and paper handy as we materialize the voice within that continually attempts to hold you back. Currently, there is a lot of talk about "imposter syndrome", but the root of that syndrome can sometimes lead back to the critic within that halts our progress with creative blocks. The inner critic is ultimately an angry and afraid materialization of the "not good enough, not smart enough, not whatever enough" thoughts and feelings that materialized long before we were aware. We will take the first step to face that voice that tells us we aren't really as good as we think we are.


These exercises and discussions are meant to work in every facet of life and when practiced, can guide you in living your most true and authentic self.


Connect with me today and let me know how I may support you! Feel free to dive into any of the options below and schedule directly if you know what support you need. Not quite sure? Drop me a line in the online form below and I'll be in touch within 1 business day!

Connect with me today and let me know how I may support you! Let's spend 30 minutes 

getting to know each other and see if we fit just right.

Whether it is a copy edit session together in real time, or you need someone to brainstorm with on how to market a new offering, let's press "play" and start those engines together! 

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