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Creative blocks are an unnatural occurance that can be worked through thanks to the tools of The Artist's Way.

We will examine a sampling of tools, expand on your knowledge of the creative self and begin to break through obstacles that keep you contained from reaching next levels in your creative expression or business expansion.

Let's clear the path so that you may step forward with a confident vision for your creative and professional aspirations without second-guessing every step of the journey.


Day: Wednesday, April 7th

Time: 12pm (PT) / 3pm (EST)

Additional Info: Zoom link to be provided during registration process. Please have a notebook and pen/pencil available for our time together.

The Creative Connection Workshop

Is there a story inside of you?

It has earned its place to be told.

A new idea for your business?

It deserves to take flight.

A new course you want to launch?

There are people waiting for it.

Every creative thought or vision you have

deserves room to breathe without self-judgment.

Based on the book "The Artist's Way"

Meet Your Creative Connection Guide

About the Workshop

In this 75-minute free introductory virtual workshop based on Julia Cameron’s groundbreaking book "The Artist’s Way", we will explore some basic tools to help unblock your creative energy, and through a hands-on exercise begin to address the depths of imposter syndrome.  We will touch on the 12 steps of connecting to your most creative self and explore how it can help you transform your life's work.

This workshop is open to anyone. You do not need to be in the creative arts field to apply the principles and tools of "The Artist's Way". Julia Cameron has created an approach for all individuals who want to move toward breaking limiting beliefs about themselves and are ready to greet their full potential.

My Journey with The Artist's Way

Rachel Pintarelli

In 1997 I sold my car, quit my job, packed up my studio apartment and made the big city move from small town Rhode Island to big lights New York City. My mission was to fully immerse myself in my dream of becoming a stage and screen actress and creative writer. After the move, my starry-eyed visions turned to stark realizations as I encountered artistic rejection, creative blocks, all with a fear of failure looming large. Luckily, it wasn't long before my artistic studies led me on the path to The Artist's Way (TAW). Thanks to the principles and practices of TAW I learned to hone my gifts, break through those blocks, celebrate my eccentricities and push back on the voice in my head that worked to sabotage my every effort to blossom as a creative. My 12 years in the city would not have been as successful and creatively fulfilling without the TAW tools and techniques I learned early on in my journey as a creative in NYC.

Now, twenty-plus years later, I still use the tools I learned back then and apply them to my life now. I am a firm believer in the power of the creative connection and the impact it can have on ALL facets of your life. As a professional copywriter, content creator and published creative writer I actively work each day to keep the flow of new energy alive, and it is all thanks to the teachings of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way principles.

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Las Vegas - 2021
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