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Overwhelmed at the thought of needing to write another blog, and blanking on content?

(I know the feeling!)

Craving dedicated time with someone that can help you work through obstacles, break down barriers and offer tangible feedback during a highly productive

75-minute one-on-one session?

I want to move you past the things that keep you from getting where you deserve to go.

These sessions are a first step in getting you there. You and the business you love are worth it.


Blog Content Brainstorming Session

In this 60-minute session we will: 

  • Discuss and problem solve any blogging challenges (i.e. time blocking to write, content creation, consistency, etc). 

  • Review an example of one of your current blogs for feedback.

  • Work together utilizing the blog mind map worksheet to brainstorm topics together. 


The Result? You will have eight detailed blog topics/summaries at the end of the session. The template will also be emailed to you following the session, along with a host of additional blog content resources materials..


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One-on-One 75-Minute Workshop Sesson

This hour will be dedicated to working together and problem-solving any branding, marketing, or content development or copywriting challenges you may have.


We will workshop our way through your project roadblocks and challenges, and I will offer feedback and advice on actionable next steps during our one-on-one session.

The Result? Following the session, I will follow up via email on the work we did together as your accountability project partner and summarize the guidance offered.


Hi, I'm Rachel!

I am crazy-passionate about working one-on-one with solopreneurs and small business owners. During our session time together, you'll recognize a pretty unique approach to the way I design things. You'll find that your session with me (whichever you choose) is tailored to meet YOUR specific needs.

How does this magic happen? I take time in ADVANCE of our meeting to do the necessary research on your business


With budgets in mind, I wanted to offer my over 15 years of experience (has it been that long?!) in copywriting, content creation, and brand marketing to those that normally feel this type of support would be out of reach.

Want to chat first before signing up? Let's do it! Schedule some time on my calendar and get ready to fall in love with a partnership built to help you feel confident, courageous and consistent in your brand!

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