• Rachel Pintarelli

Ready to Talk Storytelling?

I think it is pretty clear if you have been following along with me that I believe “storytelling” to be one of the most powerful and compelling ways to connect with your audience. It is where you establish the seeds of trust in a way that you are viewed as a go-to authority, the number one stop on the way to whatever journey the client is ready to embark on.

So when I was cruising through my daily learnings today, I came across this blip of information that deserves to be FAR more than a blip.

Your content is 22 times more likely to be remembered If you incorporate storytelling.

Can we just have a moment of “WOW” here? Think about that. It isn’t just a pie in the sky theory, it is an approach that works. And I say “approach” and not “tactic” because if you are going to utilize storytelling in your marketing, it MUST truly be something you are on board with. It involves sharing yourself, your hero journeys (you and your clients), your stumbles, your wins, your whys, the transparency of what has brought you to where you are and how that can serve your clients. Audiences want to connect in a human to human way, and storytelling allows that.

Our brains are literally WIRED to remember the stories we are told.

Where does "storytelling" fit in your marketing?

  • Stories have the power to slow the speed of your reader and soak in what you are sharing.

  • They shape the way an audience sees you, and can encourage trust and commonality with your niche market.

  • Stories move people into taking action as your walk with them by engaging them in your own journey.

It is at this point, you may be wondering how do we begin? Where do we begin? Telling stories sounds simple, but there is still a structure in making it successful, useful and grounded in your truth.

There are 4 elements to consider:

  1. The goal of the story (why are you telling it?)

  2. Get readers attention (develop a “hook” to your story to pull them in)

  3. Engage (why should they care?)

  4. Enable (is it a memorable story that others would want to share?)

I will be sharing in this week’s Newsletter a super helpful exercise to move people through the development of their own stories and dive a bit deeper into how to make story work for you.

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The journey continues...


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